I don’t know yet what i am going to write in this post. Hmm,,, maybe,,, how I am amazed that i have no response to some mails…
These days i realized how blessed I am to be surrounded by such strong-spirited people. Lord, thank you so much for them! I’ve always wanted to have a bigger sister or brother,,, and now I think I got them, well, at least the sister ^_^
I am going to a conference in philosophy in my town next Thursday. Firstly, I didn’t want to take part, but after I heard the topics for the essays, I just couldn’t say ‘no’^_^. So I chosed one thought of Augustin which translated roughly goes like „One has to believe to understand and to understand to believe“. Interesting, eh?
Today I watched a movie on VIASAT History about the Easter Islands and their civilization… sad story :{ I’ve always been fascinated by the small pieces of land scattered in the wide expanses of sea. It was sad to understand how the people has destroyed its own habitat,,, cutting down all the palm trees there and actually turning the island merely in a desert,,,no trees,, naked grass-covered island,,wilderness in the ocean,,,So, after all the trees were cut (cuz the population had grown sooo much, and there was too little land for farming), the people of Rapa Nui were caught in the the island,,then fights among the clans raided, and thus the population had reached the total misery in which it was found by Cook in the 18th century. Just for comparison: after the beginning of the millennium, it is assumed that Rapa Nui were so strong, although isolated, civilization, that the enormous statues built in honour of their predecessors, found on the Easter islands, were raised by them.
As far as I know such disaster (immense cutting down of trees) caused the extinction of civilization of Angkor (the Khmers) and desolation of one big ancient Mayan city in Mexico(I’m not quite sure for the last). The reason is that without the trees the soil looses its fertility and thus the population is doomed to starvation.

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