I am going to Pravets tomorrow. There the final part of the national Olympiad of Philosophy will take place. The train will leave Burgas at 5:25 am and will be in Sofia at 11:55 from where we are taking a bus to the town.
I don’t know what to expect. I try to prevent myself from expecting everything to be as good as it was last year. Actually, right now i am not like going anywhere ^_^But, nevermind, I’m praying God to do what He wants. I don’t know whom he wants to serve, but believe to use me. There will be lots of other people who have such interests (our principal would kill me if he understands that I don’t want to study philosophy in the University of Sofia…). Ahh… my bro will be in the same train like me, so I hope we’ll have fun. My teacher of philosophy promised to talk all the way only for philosophy,,, horror!
Hmmm… I have to take a bath, collect my bag, rest… yeah.
I am asking myself… if I have enough points on the essay and the professors from the University of Sofia invite me in the department of philosophy there without an admission exam, will I agree and go?
Let God’s will be!!!

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