Yes! Definitely it was one of the best experiences I have ever had!
Cool people! Good talks (some of which I merely couldn’t take part in, because of their topic and hardness), nice town, wonderful landscapes, peace… And, thanks God, I didn’t make my last year’s mistake to be very shy and not get acquainted with nobody.
One of the guys from our town (actually we were only two) was extremely determined to get in the first several places, which are awarded with free admission to study Philosophy at the University of Sofia. He was so obsessed with philosophy and literature that one can feel extremely dull in his presence. But he has beautiful insights. I was much more worried about whether he would get that admission than for my own. And I prayed for him and I believed he would win. And, thanks God, he did!!! 🙂
Last year our group from Burgas hanged around with the group from Sliven, but this year, the „happy ones“ (lol) were one girl (two years younger) and her teacher (around my aunt of age). They both were cool; one could have both serious talks and huge laughs with them. We (me) at the end hanged also with one boy and girl from Sliven. I expect to meet them (or at least the boy, cuz he plays in their theater) this Friday, when a play from their school theater will take place here.
I have some other good impressions, but prefer to keep them from here ^_^
On the second day, after we the Olympiad, we were taken to a monastery, which was beautiful, though in the temple I didn’t feel anything; one of the women there went out and spoke to us… even people who don’t pretend to be very sensitive stated her as not as everybody else… God bring huge peace, at least I felt it that way.
About the Olympiad itself… There were four fragments:
1. „Doubt is desperation of the thought, desperation is the doubt of personality“ Søren Kierkegård (Сьорен Кигкегор)
2. „One is unhappy because in him lives what is eternal, which despite all efforts he cannot bury under the temporal.“ Thomas Karleil (Томас Карлайл)
3. „Love lives from the detail and works as a microscope“ José Ortega-y-Gasset (Хосе Ортега-и-Гасет)
4. „How the world is is completely indifferent for the superior. God does not reveal in the world.“ Ludwig Wittgenstein (лудвиг Витгенщайн)

Now guess at which fragment I wrote? I liked my essay and thank God for it. For a first time it was so ordered and in the end I came to the way I started it- perfect dialectics 🙂 .
The night before the competition, I decided to go down to the lobby bar for a cup of tea, just fro relaxation and in order to fall asleep faster. There we met for a fist time the two people from Blagoevgrad. The whole talk was for more than 2 hours. And both me and Danny (the other boy from my city there) used some of the ideas mentioned in that talk the next day, when we wrote our essays. Ah, speaking about that… During the whole school year i had a feeling in me, pushing me to read some of Kierkegaard’s works… but I didn’t. Guess what was my amusement when i saw his name on the sheet with the fragments…
even though i liked very much the essay God gave me, the jury didn’t think so. During the meeting in the evening after the competition they said that they will estimate well the essays with solid logical structure, not the literal styled ones. This immediately showed me that i won’t get lots of point. And I was right. I got 36th out of 50 people. But these 50 are the first from 950 from the previous part. So, i can say that tall who reach the final are winners. And, moreover, most of them (like me) are from math schools, not from human-scince schools. This means that we (from mathematicians) have 2 classes of philosophy per week, while the others (from schools of humanities) have at least 5. However.
I will surely miss this olympiad next years!

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