Last night I watched Eurovision’s final. I won’t comment the songs here.
What made me huge impression was that most of the countries gave their highest points to their neighbours. The other thing which impressed me was… the Finnish language! Oh my, how soundy and melodic it is!!!!! I heard it when several capital spoke it at first (the Greek presenting the points from Greece even spoke his whole message in Finnish which really amazed the hosts). I also like the outlook of Mikko, the male host. While his partner, Yana, looked very unnatural, he looked rather well and fashionable. I also liked how this name (Mikko) is pronounced by Finnish-speakers (and the girl from Estonia, as close related lang): with long „k“, as if with stammer 🙂 I notice this because there is the same thing in my conlang ^_^
Now,,, when will a start dealing with Finnish?… Or, will I ever be courageous enough to start?

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