It passed. The last day passed. I thank God and give Him all the glory for not letting me sorrow and be sad. In fact, I was rather cheerful and it could be seen 😀
I woke up relatively normal after 2 nightmares. I couldn’t do anything. I felt like turning on the PC, expecting that my bro would return soon and would like to play. He didn’t return soon, but Cel was online^_^ I hadn’t talked with him for a long time and had started missing him. Hehe, in fact, the last night I had thought when we would be able to chat again. God used Him to cheer me up and I felt much better. God bless you, Cel!
So, after that i prepared some thing and went to school. I had promised to go earlier to decorate the room and to arrange some stuffs with the speeches. The last hour of the class was really touching. Then the ceremony went well under the hot rays of the sun. My nose had burnt and I scratch it with for around an hour with one stick I had chewed at one café ^_^ After the café with Rumi and Stefan I went to the pub with some delay.
It was fun there. We made a LOT of pics 😛 I wonder if I’d be able to gather them and when this would be… I left early at around 10 pm. Hmm…. I probably will write another post for that… or keep it for myself… still haven’t decided…
So, it was cool, really! For a first time for 5 year the whole class went to have fun together and it really happened so. Pity it was for a last time in our school life… I am waiting for the gatherings the next year and after that :}

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