To whomever it may concern:

:} I’m back.
The whole staying is Sofia was quite a mirracle =) God had arranged everything in such a perfect way. Even though one of the main roads was being reconstructed and thus the means of transport was restricted, making my eventual finding the place for the exam more difficult, God arrange my exam to take place in the main building in the very centre of Sofia !!! awesome!!! I hardly slept the night before the exam and woke and got up 20 minutes earlier than my alarm rang. We got to the university with Rumi at 6,10am (we were to be there at 7,though) so we went to a café nearby. At around 7 we returned. I met Radmila (one girl from Nova Zagora, a friend of Miro, we had met mainly on parties 😛 but we had connected beforehand and expected to meet each other there 😉 ) After some minutes Andriana, a girl from a neighbor class in school, also appeared, and what’s more, she was in the same room as me :}
The exam was meant to start at 8 am. However, the tests came to us at 9!!! And although I had been to teh toilet several times already, I had started feeling this *special* feeling again.(thanks God I hadn’t eaten almost anything and only had drunk lots of liquids). The exam was 2 hours and 45 minutes roughly said. Each part was done separately from the rest: about 25 minutes dictation (22-23 typewriter lines, non-literal text), 25min Reading comprehension with 10 multiple choice questions from a modern novel, 10 minutes cloze text about 700 word of popular science text with 10 blank spaces with 4 variants of words for filling them, 25 minutes for error identification-25 sentences where 3 parts are underlined and the 4th is for “correct”, 10 minutes fro paraphrase: 10 sentences with 4 variants of transformation, and 40 minutes for 300-350 words essay. The exam itself was nothing more than I had expected. But what was tormenting me were the terrible psychological conditions.I, being very diligent, was very struck and confused by some contraversal rules for the technical part of the exam, which, if not fulfilled threaten ur work to be annulled. I was at first very nervous and felt uneasy, but later God gave me peace and my only problem was the toilet ^^ Thank God, completely!!!!, for giving me strength and using almost all of my obstinacy =} After the exam was over started the procedure of giving the works of each candidate. And they started from the last. I had sat on the 2nd line to be able to hear the teacher dictating better. God made a mirracle and me and several other people was let to go to the toilet, handling our works to the keep-teachers (who had been looking for cheaters during the exam). Later the main teacher leading the exam made a huge scandal for this!!! But several people after me had done the same. So, I was out of danger =}
With God’s ENORMOUS help I survived, both physically and mentally.
The day before I found a bulgarian-norsk phrasebook which will be very useful for my work and also bought a coll not so big book with exercises in newgreek , there’re loooots of “open-the-brackets” exercises, which are my favourite 😀
That’s what I can think of for now =D If something else appears in my mind, I’ll probably write another e-mail (post)^^
Best regards,

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