This is the first post I allow myself to write concerning culture and history.
What inspired me to share my thoughts with you is a program I just watched on VH1 – TOP10 Worst Videos 90s.
So, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the presence of the electronic beat, probably inherited from the late 80s. Especially in the mid 90s, I see and feel a whole movement in music, preceding the later boom of the Techno and nowadays tsunami of House.
The other thing which I felt was about the cultural influence. As far as I can remember, a strong sense of futuralism could be felt in most of the electronic tracks from the 90s and even in the very early years of this century this motive remains. Also, the music from this epoch, at least in its “mainstreem“ form was more or less influenced by the Western World. Or at least I feel it that way.
Now, for several years, we are watching the invasion of the East and its strengthening influence over the fashion and the music. And as for now, I feel the cultural world more like a desert of the middle east than a space ship launched from the USA or Europe.

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