Back for a while

I’m back home for the weekend.
The city feels a bit different, and the autumn has changed it a bit too.
I am glad that while I was on one of the cafés downtown with Rumi God sent almost all the people I wanted to see right in front of my table so I could greet them and even arrange some meetings for today 🙂
I saw Sofia in my dream tonight O_o
Nalgumas vezes estou feliz quando alguns amigos me chamão ou simplesmente fazem assim que eu sabe algo sobre eles; e noutras vezes me doe quando vedo que eles ficava nalgum mensageiro e não me tinha escrito nada 😦
Life… quase me acostumou a ela…
Here’re some of the new books I got, thanks God:

I gotta go cut my hair a bit after an hour.
I had so much fun with the quick course of Latin we got for two weeks 😛 I like a lot the group. Hehe, we’re about 16 people on the whole, and I doubt if we would ever gather all. Not counting the people from the high school for ancient languages and cultures, it’s about three or a bit more people more than me enjoying this stuffs 😛
Now I’m going to study 4 hours of Latin per week and 6 hours of Ancient Greek (or more correctly, Classical one) and 4 hours of Ancient history.Ahmm,,, what’s more, I sincerely hope that the teachers will make it possible for me to study „Essentials of Romance linguistics“, which is normally prepared for the next year =P, otherwise I will have to study 6 hours of „Essentials of Archeology“ during the first semester 😦 blyah!
Yeni yerde daha önce sevgilli kişilerim var =) tipik benim içinç, heh!

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