I går har jeg pregget inn min bok på norsk. Jeg var veldig glad.
På lørdag kommer Miro her og vi skal møte 🙂
Jeg vil gjerne ha menneske å korrigere mine skrifter på norsk.

I’ll start work as a teacher* of english 4 hours a week in one school in a group of 6-8 children of 6-12 years (!) . Can you imagine?????? The woman form the language centre told me she thought I would cope with them easily. I accepted the offer not because of the money, but mostly because I think this would give me a good piece of experience and, what’s more, it would help me work with people and especially children (something that I’ve always thought I am unable to do, but recently disprooved by God).

I’m still in a search for a topic to write on obout my project for the course of Introductory in The Classical Philology. I am ment to write somethong concerning the culture or bibliothecs or stuffs like that. I, of course, have no idea what to write for. These things are distanced by lightyears from me and that’s stupid. I wanna learn languages, not cultures, or at least, as little as possible!!!

* As I wrote on a little note during our class of anciant history yesterday „Ai’l bee ei teechor“

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