Psalm 51:6 “Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom.” (KJV) “Surely you desire truth in the inner parts [a] ; you teach [b] me wisdom in the inmost place.” (NIV) “Ето, понеже желаеш искреност вътре в човека, Научи ме мъдрост в скришното на сърцето ми.” (BG) This explains why I feel God’s presence when I admit my mistakes and speak out my heart! Continue reading Искреност

Favourite words

I wrote some of my favourite words in the languages I’ve studied: BG: щурец, чушка, човъркам, крещя, галя, тъпан, тръшкам EN: thorough, they, precious, sure, shepherd D: Tür, gehen, sehen ES: alegría, sueño. perder, traer, otoño, caer, llavar, tomar FR: cadeau, chaque, enfant, toujours IT: preduto, fatto, chiaro, prego, primavera (N)GR: ξέχασα, χαιρετίζματα, αγαπάω, ξεχνάω, χιόνι, γάλα, μάτια CZ: moře, milujem (tě) ESP: —- SR: кућа, добро, љубим, желим, рођен TR: ediyor, tarih, yazıyour, yavaş, başka RO: trăiesc, iubesc, vreau, doar, soarele TG: silid, kapag, tulog, ilog RUS: сволочь, девочка, день PT: regiração, dizer, verão, desejo NR: brødrene, knær, snø, … Continue reading Favourite words

Lessons From This Year

Here’re the lessons I learned from this year: Love and care can frighten people. One’s heart can be killed by love, if his love is not wise. Amor Dei omnia vincit. Ето уроците, които научих през тази година: Любовта и загрижеността могат да уплашат хората. Сърцето може да бъде убито от любов, ако тя не е проницателна. Любовта на Бог побеждава всичко. Now, I’ll pass the ball to Serge, Psi, Julia, Le Prince… and everyone else who want to respond is welcome to post a comment or to trackback :} Continue reading Lessons From This Year


I feel differently. I feel new. Today I left aside my violet scarf and took a brand new one; I’ve never seen it before. I think of cutting my hair. I just feel different, part of me died, and thank God for that! I changed the view of the blog, hope you like it^^ This theme is with changeable colours =P I feel on the verge of my forces to deal with new languages. I think that I’ll be able to deal with 2 more at the best. I’ll work over the rest 18, though. Well, be happy with me … Continue reading New


Thank you, everyone, for responding quickly to the previous post! >_> At last, the best thing in this Christmas was that my father was happy for seeing me around him and that his mother could finally spend the holidays with her son and his family despite of all the years of separation. For me, Christmas was a time for fighting with the strong waves of nostalgia breaking over me in my village. I was in NZ for a while to meet Miro and some others. Hjertet mitt ble skadet. Another part of me died so I can pass in the … Continue reading After-Christmas


On our last class of Ancient Greek for this year, we played a game of random-making sentences. Here are the results: Μαχετὴς κῖς ἀδίκως πίπτει μὲλαιναν γυναῖκα. Σφαιροειδὴς Κύρος τύχοως κατακλύζει εὐὴθην Ροδώπην. Ἀγαθὴ μυῖα νῦν καταστρέφει ὄλβιον ἄνακτα. Ὁ δὲ καλὸς λύκος ἀγαθῶς φεύγει τὴν τραχεῖαν ἀσπίδα. Continue reading Game