Last night, while I was praying, one sentence appeared in my mind, and I liked it very much. I even think to rename the blog after it:
Labor Amor Dei omnia vincit.

I particularly like the way it sounds :}

Today I got 3 books I think I’ll need for the project of Introduction to the Classical Philology. They look so old and cool :> I can’t remember exactly the names but one of them is Niedermann’s „Phonologie historique du latine“ and the others refer to the history of the two calssical languages. I can’t wait to have a look over them :}

This morning, while I was preparing the lesson for today I saw that I am not that back in the plan of the lessons. I hope that the pupils will have their books taken fot today :>

Tomorrow is the day of the student. We gonna celebrate it with the whole department of calssics in the university it self,,, we gonna see what will happen :]

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