Why does so many people disappear from myspace????
{Right now I can think only for several- Aax3, Cel, Gothwolf… sure there’re more}


2 thoughts on “QUESTION

  1. Because Vanka, i don`t lice commercial initiatives, such as MySpace. I prefer somewhat more closed communities like Virb… Not that i`m using it right now, it`s just that`s it`s better:) Also I don`t have any spare time to spend on social networks, as they are purely a waste of time! I prefer the PHONE, thank u!


  2. Personally, I’ve just taken a more private approach towards some online things. I got rid of my orkut profile, which was something I REALLY used a lot, so I saw no reason to keep profiles at places I rarely check, such as MySpace. Right now, I can only wonder why I haven’t deleted my Facebook page yet as well…

    The Internet feels too much like a small town where everyone thinks they know a lot about everyone else’s life, if you know what I mean.


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