Thank you, everyone, for responding quickly to the previous post! >_>
At last, the best thing in this Christmas was that my father was happy for seeing me around him and that his mother could finally spend the holidays with her son and his family despite of all the years of separation.
For me, Christmas was a time for fighting with the strong waves of nostalgia breaking over me in my village. I was in NZ for a while to meet Miro and some others. Hjertet mitt ble skadet. Another part of me died so I can pass in the new year renewed :}
Darina sent me through Miro a wonderful postcard with parts of it which I accepted as a rhema:

…Have a good time during the Holidays and relax your soul!…

… May the new year bring you only positive experiences… minimal amount of „kifli“ and interesting new… non-perverted (!) friends…

Амин, Даре! Чул те Господ!

I have an idea to write a short story named Fabio. I hope I’ll have enough time and inspiration to do it these days. I also want to post some pics from my village.


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