Joe Black

I’ve just watched “Meet Joe Balck” movie. Awesome one! I haven’t watched a movie for such a long time!

  • ” – How do you now she loves you? “
    ” – She knows my darkest secrets and she accepts me.”
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    One thought on “Joe Black

    1. It’s indeed a cool film, although I’ve only seen it once (I missed it at the cinemas and never rented it either, so I only got to watch it when it was shown on TV). In Brazil it was titled Encontro Marcado.

      It’s curious that, in a twisted way, it’s a Lesbian film. XD I mean, although Death is male in English, it’s female in Portuguese (from the fact the word morte is feminine), so one can’t help watching it in Portuguese and thinking of that, hehe. One way of avoiding that is thinking of Death as the Angel of Death, though, but I digress so much as not to make sense anymore…


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