Adfectūs et Homines- Развръзката

Today God was leading me to thinking over what I’d thought last night and the questions I’d left unanswered. The whole day was turned around that post of last night. And when I talked with the mates I live with, God led my thoughts in the same direction, and did it with theirs also, and now I have the answer. A relationship is like two flows coming from two hearts and going to each of them. It’s like a stream from the one going to the other, and vice versa. The relationship is dead when the flows stop. The initiator … Нататък Adfectūs et Homines- Развръзката

Adfectūs et Homines

Emotions are something that can wrap us heart-connections. It is hard to estimate which of them are sent form Heaven and which not. It is hard to understand why some relationships go that way or another. And probably, that’s for good. Imagine that you knew the whole truth… Even though, one cannot say for sure that a lost friendship or covered feelings are not for his own good and growth. But it is hard sometimes and it takes time for recovering. Why do we let some people so easily to our sacred worlds, and other- so hard? How a relationship … Нататък Adfectūs et Homines

From a Bloody Fist to a Diamond!

Quote from a Skype-contact of mine: “ If you believe in love from a first sight, then do not close your eyes!…. Have you ever seen a live human heart? It is like a fist wrapped in blood!“ Now, I want to share with you my thoughts over the last two sentence. This description of „human heart“ is one of the best I have ever read. Sure, left in the world, one’s heart is most likely to become selfish and to prevent itself from being hurt, it would turn its gentleness into aggression. It starts to hurt the others around … Нататък From a Bloody Fist to a Diamond!

7 Albums I gonna take on a isolated island

In respond to Жълтурчето. The rules: 1) each participant quotes these rules; 2) quotes this post; 3) quotes who has pointed him: 4) tells his favourite albums, saying or sharing something about them; 5) points 3 other bloggers to do the same 😛 Heehehehmm,,,,ok,,,lets start… I won’t make top7, because it would be too difficult, so, I’ll just number the albums 🙂 1)ATB- „7 years“– yes it is a collection of his best hits, and like it very much; actually, it is mainly form there where I am listening to his track. 2)Sarah Brightman-Classics The Best Of (2006)– again … Нататък 7 Albums I gonna take on a isolated island