In respond to Жълтурчето.
The rules:
1) each participant quotes these rules;
2) quotes this post;
3) quotes who has pointed him: http://vitanova.wordpress.com/
4) tells his favourite albums, saying or sharing something about them;
5) points 3 other bloggers to do the same 😛

Heehehehmm,,,,ok,,,lets start… I won’t make top7, because it would be too difficult, so, I’ll just number the albums 🙂

1)ATB- „7 years“– yes it is a collection of his best hits, and like it very much; actually, it is mainly form there where I am listening to his track.
2)Sarah Brightman-Classics The Best Of (2006)– again collection; it is very gentle and you can hardly listen to anything other after it ^^
3) Sarah Brightman- Harem– amazing album combining operas, techno-dance sounds with oriental motives.
4)Hillsong- God He Reighns (2005)– one of their best albums according to me. Very deep worship.
5) Hillsong- Songs for Communion (2006)– one of the gentlest things I’ve ever experienced.
6) Eden’s Bridge- Celtic Worship (2000)– irish worship. Can’t say more…. no words.
7) Elohim- Experience Worship from the Heart of Israel– one of the things I listen to recently. Very keen on it 😀

Ok,,, it would be awesome if I knew the choice of Julia, Psi, Seen Loh, Kristopher, Serge and Estilian.
I hope that at lest 3 will reply ^^

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