Quote from a Skype-contact of mine: “ If you believe in love from a first sight, then do not close your eyes!…. Have you ever seen a live human heart? It is like a fist wrapped in blood!“

Now, I want to share with you my thoughts over the last two sentence. This description of „human heart“ is one of the best I have ever read. Sure, left in the world, one’s heart is most likely to become selfish and to prevent itself from being hurt, it would turn its gentleness into aggression. It starts to hurt the others around it, it is thus covered with blood. But when God comes, when the heart becomes open for Him, He starts to purify the heart with the waters of His Holy Spirit. The blood is washed away, memories for mistakes are washed away, guilty is washed away, the heart itself starts to harden towards the returning past- it becomes a stone. But stone, from which a water is pouring- like a spring! Then oppression comes, oppression from the fists the heart has been connected, oppression from outside, and thus, with the strong support from God, the ex-bloody fist turns into a jewel- it becomes a shining diamond- pure and transparent as its Father is Holy, reflecting His glory around, double- sharped as the Words of its Father, attractive- as the Love of the Father…

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