Today God was leading me to thinking over what I’d thought last night and the questions I’d left unanswered. The whole day was turned around that post of last night. And when I talked with the mates I live with, God led my thoughts in the same direction, and did it with theirs also, and now I have the answer.
A relationship is like two flows coming from two hearts and going to each of them. It’s like a stream from the one going to the other, and vice versa. The relationship is dead when the flows stop. The initiator of both- the birth and the dead, is God, because He knows the decisions each of the hearts will make and the motives it has in itself.
And even though a physical or communicational connection may not be available, the flows can still exist as feelings and thoughts directed to the other heart.
And it is one of the most beautiful things to be seen and felt when the two flows are to some extent equal…

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