What keeps me interesting to the course of „Literature Theory“ is that I’ve always wanted to know these part of the science and I’ve always admired people who can freely move in it. Although I sometimes feel my mind smashed of the analysis and the way one reaches the conclusion necessary for commenting the oeuvre, I can’t miss to tell that after all there is some fascination in all this work.
Another interesting thing I realized recently is how much I like synthetic languages 🙂 Indeed, I feel quite an astonishment when I imagine how the constructions, verbs, cases and conjunctions are related to each other in the sentence 🙂 Probably the more I pay attention to the use of the words and their reproduction of the nuances of the thought, the more will I be astonished to discover the beauty of the literature. Anyway, I don’t want to turn into a literature geek 😛 I still prefer (comparative) grammar.



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