I am attending for a first time the exercise-class of Literary Theory. I think I’ve decided, after all, to sit this exam in June.
The day started bad and unnormal. I was awoken by a nightmare at about 6 o’clock with heart feeling smashed. I decided to fall asleep again because I went to bed late last night. I was waking several more times after which I was falling asleep again; finally I got up, woken by the alarm, totally smashed. When I turned on the pc the local network was again sh*ty and I could only sign in in Skype. However…
The class of Classical Greek was very nice. We started reading non adapted text- Xenophonti Anabasis Cyri. Julia had brought me the first volume of Dun.
I hoped we wouldn’t have the exercise-class, but we did. It wasn’t that bad, we were trying to analyze the poem „Kino“ by Vaptzarov (I don’t like at all that poem,,,but nevermind).
I started writing this… I hadn’t posted in the blog for a long time, so I used the time and the boredom attacking me to write in my new old notebook with the cheap pen I found yesterday, which is a bit too inky, though.
Today I took most of the important stuffs needed for studying with me: the Greek grammar and the Latin syntax (folder with lections). Yesterday, when we hanged around with Joro. I was having almost nothing with me and we couldn’t study together in their’s for that reason =/ That’s why I took them with me (stupid, eh?!….yes!).
My day turned upside down again , i.e. became normal, or at least my mood got so, in the middle of the exercise class. Thanks God totally 😀
I got this today.

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