Here I’ll post the workshops and lectures I am going to attend in the coming Local-Balcan-area conference for classicists.
Monday 26.05
11.30. Teaching Medieval Greek and the reception of Ancient Literature (Workshop)- Petya Yaneva, Sofia
14.00. Classical and Other Techniques of Working with Text (Workshop)- Aurelia Hanganu, Chisinau
15.00. The Case of ILBulg 248: A la recherche des noms perdus (Lecture)- Vojin Nedelkovich, Belgrade

Tuesday 27.05
10.00. Documents is Mycenaean Linear B (Lecture and Workshop)- Elena Dzukeska, Skopje
11.30. Studying Then and Studying Now: Why do I Fear My Own students? Experiences from Course and Programme Changes at the University of Zagreb (Lecture)- Gorana Stepanich, Zagreb

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