τῷ Στεφάνῳ

Once, an angel came to me. His face was very much alike to mine, but exclusively purer and softer. I could nearly melt in his presence and I knew he was sent to talk with me.
“ Do you remember me?“, the wind of his whisper made his feathers tremble.
“ How could I? It was such a long time ago.“
“ What happened when you first met yourself?“
“ I nearly died. I couldn’t sleep, nor control myself…“
“ Until?“
“ Until this me, as each human, almost killed my heart in his attempt to stop hurting me by his mistakes, even though the love God had poured in me was sufficient to give me strength to move on.“
“ What happened next?“
“ I thought everything would get allright. But it didn’t. At least not the way I presumed. Unfortunately, we are not always able or permitted to have a constant heart-to-heart touch with those who are precious to us.“
“ A human heart must not be attached to humans, you know. It is created to be together with God, and it won’t feel fulfilled or saturated with anyone or anything else…“
“ It seems that I’ve always wanted so much to have a twin of my own, that God’s started meeting me with almost-twins only to show me what great blessing are all those different-from-me people He had attached me with.“
“ But you had almost ceased searching…“
“ I also thought so. That’s why when I met the next me-like-one I totally devoted my heart.“
“ You speak as if you thought it had been a mistake…“
“ I think I’ll never be sure of that on this Earth, however…“
“ Do you think you are possessive?“
“ Probably long ago, I think God has set me free and changed that feature.“
“ But your imagination starts to work every time a silence appear…“
“ Yes.. and…“
“ Here is the moment when one has to respect other’s freedom and let the person choose the time to make his own step.“
“ But I’m not indifferent to what’s happening! And that’s torturing…“
“ Of course it is; love, in each of its measures, is always tested through tears of fire. Didn’t you know that?“
“ I knew it…“
“ However, human heart is easily affected and attached to almost everything. That’s why life is meetings and separations.“
“ God told me after that, that he sometimes lets someone leave our life so that a part of our heart die with this separation. Thus, He can build something new.“
“ Didn’t He showed you His great mercy in this time?“
“ I would die if it weren’t Him…“
“ And you closed your heart…“
“ It passed such a lot of time until it got free… and that happened in a night-dream…“
“ You know, nothing new can come until the old completely passes away…“
“ Yes. And it came. A new me-alike. This time I didn’t pay much attention to the similarities, for I had learned that it was not constructive. i didn’t pay any hope in the beginning…“
“ But everything was happening so smoothly, right?“
“ It was. Now I realize I might have expected too much, or not even from the right place…“
“ And you think there are the causes for that state?“
“ I’m not sire… but God taught me to respect others’ freedom of choice, and the freedom at all. Human is the most precious creature, but not more precious than his Creator…“

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