Nå og Derpå

Today was my practical exam of Latin.
I totally thank God for having give me such results so far! Now, my last exam, on Ancient History, is on Wednesday. I feel a bit bored of it, because I have been reading for it in the past days. I can’t study only for one exam! At least for two, so that there would be diversity =þ
I may, after all, go to Burgas for a week and then visit my grandparents. I’ll continue searching for a job when I return in the end of July. I’ll pack up lots of books 🙂 It is summer, after all! I’ll try to get my Teach Yourself Irish Grammar printed soon. Till then, I’ll stick on Hebrew. I may also try to read Διονύσιος ὁ Θρᾷξ- Τέχνη Γραμματική; I also gotta find something to keep my Latin on with. I feel strange recently.
I remember some times ago, I was complaining that my blog had turned into a diary, without anything ”interesting” or ”special” in it. And now, I realize how unintentionally I have been filling it with such strange stuffs as the several posts behind 😕 I wonder which typo you prefer,,,just from curiosity…
Jeg vet ikke hva foregår derpå.


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