Italian vs Portuguese

A little pre-history

Last summer one friend sent me a song of Laura Pausini in which she sings in Spanish and English. Later I understood she was actually an Italian; what’s more the same song had a version in Italian, too. This summer I got more of her songs.

По същество

One of the songs I like is Incancellabile. Frankly speaking, I’m not a big fan of Italian language and music. Actually, music is the only field I like the language. Of all romance tongues, probably I like Italian least. And today I found a Brazilian Portuguese version of the song, called Inesquecível . These weeks I was listening to Toque no Altar and thus, he second version totally convinced me that Brazilian Portuguese is much soundy in songs than the European.

What’s more I watched another video where Laura was speaking in Portuguese (br) and,,,,wow! I think she has also songs in French, but not sure about that. However, if she has and she make a song in Romanian, she’ll cover my concept of a true romanist =)

For an end- one of her concert performances, which, I may say, is as good as the album version… and for all Bulgarians who read this- не е плейбек! на живо си пее жената!

One thought on “Italian vs Portuguese

  1. The CD that song’s from (Le cose che vivi, 1996) is definitely part of my teenage years / secondary school soundtrack. 😀 A friend of mine bought it in secondary three and I borrowed it many, many times from her. I don’t listen to Laura Pausini very much these days, but there was a time she was top in my list of favourite singers.

    Incidentally, although she had an excellent accent in Portuguese, I remember her saying in an interview that she used sound transcriptions when recording the three songs (Inesquecível, Apaixonados como nós and Tudo o que eu vivo). We’d often compare her to Shakira, who, around that same time, released her first big album and also sang in Portuguese, but with a very thick accent. However, it’s funny that, after all these years, Laura’s Portuguese has declined a bit (at least in the interviews of her I’ve seen), while that of Shakira (and Ricky Martin) has become very, very good.

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