I read about that game in several blogs and simply waited someone to invite me. And the time has come.
Svetlina invited Zory, and Zory, on her turn, invited Darina. And she passed it to me.
The rules are simple. Just mention who has invited you to the game, and then share why/how have you started your blog, explain your nickname, the chose of your avatar, and finally, be a good spammer and invite several people =) Oh, before the “spam“-y part, tell if you have met some of the bloggers in the real life and what were your expectations before the meet and how much they had covered the truth.
So, here we go.

The Blog. Firstly Serge, a classmate of mine and friend, made his own blog, I’m not sure whether it was in WordPress or not, then he made another one, attached to the page of our school, where he had a part. So, during one of our cafés, I think that it was even in a class time, he proposed me that that would be something totally for me. So he made me a blog in WordPress, which I couldn’t support because at that time I still didn’t have a web connection at home. When I did, I made a page in glog.bg, where the girls with which I hanged around had already made a place for them. This happened in June 2006. In September I made a reg in Bebo and Facebox (now Netlog). Then Serge advised me to stop using these systems and I made this blog. In the next several months I abandoned the other places.
Primarily, I wanted to post here my writings, artistic splashes and soul tears. It was a bit later when it turned in a diary-sort-of-thing. And that’s quite nice for me, because I’ve always wanted to have one but I’ve never had the patience to write systematically. What attracts me here is that I can share. And what’s more, there is a slight possibility for a dialogue.
The name of the blog is „You (I mean God) alone are worthy“. I took it from one of my most favourite songs and what i want to say is that only God is worthy for admirations and “wow“-s. The sub-title, which is rarely enabled by te themes to show is „Cor Ærinis“ which means the heart of Æren. Some weeks ago I added “uma outra dimensão“ which is another dimension in Portuguese.

Update 2012: I’m not exactly sure already when, but I changed the title of the blog to Metamorphōses. You can guess the meaning, I’m sure. The reason for this change is that it somehow felt that the old title was standing a bit like artificially attached. Not that I have changed my view towards it. It is more like a deep sensation that something else had to be put as a heading. I chose this word both as a tribute to one of my favourite ancient authors Ovid, and as a resemblance of my personality which is always heading to change and evolve. So, Metamorphōses could be read also like „Changing as a way of life„.

The Avatar. I change it frequently. Now it is the manga version of a past long-haired face of mine.

The Name.
My previous nickname was Deyl. But in Sept 06 I felt like it was already gone. Its time had lasted out. I saw my name written on the wall in my bathroom ^^ At first it was Aeren Girrith. I firstly checked in the dictionary of Sindarin at the end of Tolkien’s Silmalirion. There

âr n. king (used of a lord or king of a
specified region)
ara- (ar-) prefix high, noble, royal
aran,element in the names of the kings of Arnor
and Arthedain.
aran, pl. erain , n. king
(used of a lord or king of a specified


giritht n. shuddering, horror n

But at that time I understood girrith as tremor. I quickly abandoned the second name and sticked to the first.
Later I found that ære (with def. article- æren ) means in Danish honour. In another dictionary I found it as „high (tall also) in every meaning“.

The other bloggers.
So far I haven’t met anyone, firstly know by his blog. Gorecki may included in such group although I found his blog after we have chatted several times.
It is just quite soon that I’ve been hanging in Bulgarian blog-sphere, so, we’ll see.

Invitations. Serge (of course), Marcel, Georgi (though I don’t know whether he has a connection now). Ahm, I guess these are my regular blog-having readers who haven’t participated yet.

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