Lord, forgive me my weakness to resisting the temptations. Forgive me my curiosity which leads me to the past You have saved me from. God, please have mercy upon me and cleanse me from all the sins of my mind, my soul and flesh. I repent for what I’ve done and beg You do not let anything enslave me. Take control of each part of me that has still not surrendered to You. Thank You, Jesus, for having won the Victory for my life and i pray You help me stay in it firmly. Lord, I pray that You turn this weakness into a force for the sake of Your glory and for the sake of the people which You want to set free, Purify me, Lord, with the blood of Your Son, cleanse my mind and ways, because I alone am not able. Help me, God, that i never again pass around this mountain; lead me to Your will for my life and put Your love and obedience to You with a new measure in me. i pray that You keep changing me until Your face, Jesus, can be seen clearly.

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