A recent chat threw me in thoughts about the blog. It was started with idea to be a place about my „art“-stuff. With the time though it became like a diary, and not even a diary of me, but like the chronic of some specific features in my life. So, for shortly I was thinking to make another place, where to post only not important stuff and thus here will remain the „more serious“ writings. What keeps me from that is that I know this placing-thing-in-two(at least)-places is normal for people like me and just that is what I want to avoid. So, probably, I’ll try to restrict myself from writing whatever comes to my mind [but then could this be named a personal blog?]; I’d also like to start writing more serious and thoughtful pieces. We’ll see whether I’ll manage to do this.
The other thought bumping itself with the others in my head is simply to clsoe this place, and/or even delete it… making it private won’t calm me.

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