I couldn’t stay silent for I have also seen and experienced this.

My village used to be very lively. The biggest one in the region. There were lots of kids of and around my age. In the summer sometimes one couldn’t sleep because the bar in from of our house (which is in the centre) had party and live music or we were playing cards up to the morning hours of the night. Then we grew up. This summer the village was,,,empty. „Grandma, where’s whoever?“ „Oh, he’s been in Greece for 3 years already.“ „And someone else?“ „Her husband died and she moved with her son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter in Spain.“ There’re so many empty houses along the main road. The bar I mentioned gets closed in 5,30 pm in the summer!
This year they have closed the school. The kindergarten where I have grown up in my earliest years is turning in to ruins.
Sometimes I think we are paying to high price for the „increase of the life standard“ we are struggling for so vigorously.
What will remain is memories that will cause us nostalgia for the past we have had. And for what we’d never have again.
Schlegel says that one should not keep an eye on the lost relation with the nature, one should not create a „sentimental poetry“ but a brand new model of literature has to be created. So we’d better look at the future.
I suppose…

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