Last night there was an earthquake, I just read that it was registered in 22:08 and had lasted for 2.5 seconds. We were in the living room, on the beds, with the blankets, chatting, when we all felt that the beds started moving as if some of use were hitting them with legs. Rumi immediately understood that was an earthquake, she had experienced one very serious already in her life. She jumped from the bed, because she’d got a bit frightened. I had never experienced such thing before and firstly got excited. It was only after it passed when I got confused. Media report that there were people who have gone out on the streets after the shake.
She told me there had been another shake in 7 am this morning. I had slept it over.

Then I met Samuel in the church building. I hadn’t seen him for quite a lot of time and couldn’t merely recognise him. He’s only a year younger than me and definitely has changed a lot. He sat next to me and we (and my friends with which I had come, some of them knowing him as well) talked after the meeting. I felt so nice to meet again someone, can be said, from the past, and the good feelings and respect this meeting has pull out. I must admit that some fortresses in my mind are having been torn down for some time around.


10 мнения за “Terremoto

  1. æren, you pulled a good one: Vitosha – the dormant volcano. 😉 Haha!

    @ deni4ero: a non-expected meeting with an old friend is a blessing, indeed. Always comes at the right time, I guess – to remind you something well-forgotten or to teach you something new.


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