snow (n.) Look up snow at Dictionary.com
O.E. snaw “snow,” from P.Gmc. *snaiwaz (cf. O.S., O.H.G. sneo, O.Fris., M.L.G. sne, M.Du. snee, Du. sneeuw, Ger. Schnee, O.N. snjor, Goth. snaiws “snow”), from PIE *sniegwh-/*snoigwho- (cf. Gk.(v) νείφω/νίφω L. nix (gen. nivis), O.Ir. snechta, Welsh nyf, Lith. sniegas, O.Prus. snaygis, O.C.S. снѣ <!– @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } –>гъ, Rus. снег’, Slovak sneh “snow”). {with modifications}




Тази сутрин. (12 и нещо ^^)



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