Инат– entêtement (m), obstination (f), opiniâtreté (f)

Твърдоглавие– entêtement (m), obstination (f), opiniâtreté (f), ténacité (f)

Pourquoi ils ne les distinguent-ils pas?

4 thoughts on “Difference

  1. Did you try checking in English as well?

    твърдогла̀вие и твърдогла̀вство ср., само ед.; твърдогла̀вщина ж., само ед. pig-/bull-headedness; obstinacy, stubbornness, doggedness, piggishness.

    ина̀т м., само ед. разг. 1. obstinacy, stubbornness, wilfulness, pigheadedness, mulishness, cussedness; правя нещо на ~ на някого do s.th. out of spite for s.o., do s.th. to spite s.o., do s.th. in defiance of s.o.; 2. като прил. неизм. obstinate, stubborn, mulish, pig-headed, self-willed, wilful, refractory, obdurate, cussed, stiff-necked; ~ като магаре as stubborn as a mule.

    So it seems that, whatever distinction you’re trying to draw, you’re pretty much stuck. 😛

  2. The fact that a dictionary announces:

    1 прил. naked, nude (и бот., зоол.);

    does not mean there is no distinction between naked and nude

    same applies to:

    single-minded and stubborn, I guess

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