Yes. Hallo June.

I feel it is coming- it’s getting hotter, and I am often in the same feeling as the last year- I want to go out with someone and I am pretty sure that I don’t want to call or meet with anyone of the people available.
Having passed the two colloquiums of the Roman elegy (Catullus + Propertius, Ovidius and Tibullus; language to be translated in- Polish), one of Horacy (20 songs; Polish), one written translation of one Ecloga of Vergil and colloquium for Metamorphoses (200 verses; the story of Narcis, AWESOME TEXT), both in English, I feel strange. Both a bit bored, relaxed and still anxious because still remain another colloquium of Horace (Sermo + 2 Epodes), one of Aeneida (900 not-so-interesting verses) and one of Greek lyrics (Alcaeus, Sappho and Ibycus). Moreover I have to write a maximum 10 page work or referate for the course of Indo-European studies about the mythology or culture of the Indo-Europeans. It will be great also if I manage to write some work about my Roman Literature course in Bulgaria, probably about the image of the others in Tacitus’ Germania. Last night Boris told me he could speak with his teacher of Croatian that she makes an examine for me so that I can take some additional credits (because up to now I have around 20 and ,by contract, 30 are needed).
Glory be to God! I’ve taken the 2nd place in the Translation competition the Cathedra of Classics in Bulgaria had organised. My teacher of Latin in Sofia wrote me that, if it was up to her, I wouldn’t need to sit the LAtin exam at all when I come back 😀
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