Hello, I am Ivan, currently a full-time teacher of Latin and Bulgarian at the Medical University of Plovdiv.

I hold a Bachelor degree of Classics, a master degree of Medieval Bulgarian studies and a master degree of Slavic studies (Polish as a main focus). I also have a PhD degree in linguistics (Historical linguistics and Old Bulgarian language). Apart for my interests in comparative grammar and Indo-European languages, I find myself attracted to Byzantine studies , palaeography, and Patristics, as well as anthropology, philosophy and history of art and culture. Outside of the academic field, I am a passionate language learner and an avid reader, lover of tea, forests and walks, chaser of coziness and kairotic beauty.

I am a regular user of Goodreads and Instagram. Their mutual child is a bookstagram profile I’ve recently launched.

This blog is an attempt to gather most of the pieces that appear here and there in one place. I am going to write about languages, language learning and books. Now and then you may also find me speaking about art and music. I am also going to post some materials related to the courses I am teaching at the moment: Latin for medical purposes, Bulgarian for foreigners and Beginner Polish (A1). I do hope to publish some pieces of translations, too.

Since I am native Bulgarian speaker, it would not be uncommon some text to appear bilingual and more often than never – only in Bulgarian.