Autoreferential Tendencies in the Blogsphere

These days I came across several blogs about blogs. Now this is something that marks a new stage of the (d)evolution of this cultural phenomenon. As a whole, the blog is a manifest of the modern-days’ extreme individualism which has accelerated to an extent where everyone can occupy others with himself, reaching a level where the focus is the person, the single individual with everything in-around him, neglecting the rest of the world. The structure is like the structure of our perception of the time: they move forward, flow like a river and most of the post are specified over … Нататък Autoreferential Tendencies in the Blogsphere

Before and Now

This is the first post I allow myself to write concerning culture and history. What inspired me to share my thoughts with you is a program I just watched on VH1 – TOP10 Worst Videos 90s. So, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the presence of the electronic beat, probably inherited from the late 80s. Especially in the mid 90s, I see and feel a whole movement in music, preceding the later boom of the Techno and nowadays tsunami of House. The other thing which I felt was about the cultural influence. As far as I can remember, … Нататък Before and Now