Вчера беше хубав ден, за разлика от деня преди него, когато още не можех да се приспособя към реалносста след екскурзията, т.нар. от мен „следекскурзионна депресия“. Реших вчера да стана рано и да отида на упражнението по антропология от 8.30, за да нямам много свободно време, че става страшно на моменти. После, реших, че няма да ходя на плуване, защото трябваше да нося много багаж, а и времето беше студено. Така че щях да ходя на полски, който по изключение беше преместен от 10.30 вместо от 4. В промеждутъка отидохме с Ау. и Г. (от чешката група) до Полския институт, за … Нататък 11.12.2009


Yesterday was the day of St. Nikola. It is a traditional holiday in Bulgaria when not only people with names like Nikolay and Nikola celebrate but also all fishermen- professional and amateurs. Others like my father celebrate both as professionals, working in companies dealing with fish products, and as fans to the hobby of fishing. The company he works in each year celebrates this holiday with gathering all its ships in Sozopol. Each year gypsies come in several cars from Kotel and situate in each ship. 🙂 This year I made pictures: click here to open the album in Picasa. … Нататък Никулден


Last night there was an earthquake, I just read that it was registered in 22:08 and had lasted for 2.5 seconds. We were in the living room, on the beds, with the blankets, chatting, when we all felt that the beds started moving as if some of use were hitting them with legs. Rumi immediately understood that was an earthquake, she had experienced one very serious already in her life. She jumped from the bed, because she’d got a bit frightened. I had never experienced such thing before and firstly got excited. It was only after it passed when I … Нататък Terremoto

Какво четох днес

Докато се ровех из блог-сферата открих един пост с препратка към разказа, по който седмокласниците писаха преразказ. И, запленен от него, реших да попрочета други неща от същия автор. Ето линкове към нещата които четох (наглас с една приятелка): Бялата лястовица Заложна къща Един ден от живота на Емата One Way Ticket Клането на петела Нататък Какво четох днес

After „A Love in a Time of Cholera“

“Cada dia pienso en ti… y sigo pensando en ti…“ Yes, Georgi is right, I think I wouldn’t have the strength and patience to read the book. And, probably, that was the main reason to suggest Nelly that we watch the movie. And, taking in mind that I am not a cinema fan, I enjoyed the film. The whole atmosphere of the late colonialism in South America at the end of XIX and the beginning of XX century was strengthened with suitable soundtrack which impressed each part of me, distracting me form the confusions and torments my insights were suffering … Нататък After „A Love in a Time of Cholera“

The Conference

Here I’ll post the workshops and lectures I am going to attend in the coming Local-Balcan-area conference for classicists. Monday 26.05 11.30. Teaching Medieval Greek and the reception of Ancient Literature (Workshop)- Petya Yaneva, Sofia 14.00. Classical and Other Techniques of Working with Text (Workshop)- Aurelia Hanganu, Chisinau 15.00. The Case of ILBulg 248: A la recherche des noms perdus (Lecture)- Vojin Nedelkovich, Belgrade Tuesday 27.05 10.00. Documents is Mycenaean Linear B (Lecture and Workshop)- Elena Dzukeska, Skopje 11.30. Studying Then and Studying Now: Why do I Fear My Own students? Experiences from Course and Programme Changes at the University … Нататък The Conference

The Two-And-a-Half-Day Holiday

Yes! Definitely it was one of the best experiences I have ever had! Cool people! Good talks (some of which I merely couldn’t take part in, because of their topic and hardness), nice town, wonderful landscapes, peace… And, thanks God, I didn’t make my last year’s mistake to be very shy and not get acquainted with nobody. One of the guys from our town (actually we were only two) was extremely determined to get in the first several places, which are awarded with free admission to study Philosophy at the University of Sofia. He was so obsessed with philosophy and … Нататък The Two-And-a-Half-Day Holiday