„…и никого по пътя не поздравявайте „

Снощи преди да си легна (след като спрях да чета пуезийта на мума Калина) реших да почета малко Слово. Бях стигнал до 10 глава от Лука. Започнах да чета и спрях на един от първите стихове, понеже ми направи впечатление, а не разбирах. …и никого по пътя не поздравявайте (стих 4) Очевидният въпрос ми беше „защо пък?!“, трябва да има причина, която да е валидна и днес. Написано е в Библията, все пак. Помолих се, тогава не получих отговор, но запазих това в себе си и продължих нататък. Отговорът дойде в последната „точка“ от проповедта днес. Преди това, обаче, ще … Нататък „…и никого по пътя не поздравявайте „

After „A Love in a Time of Cholera“

“Cada dia pienso en ti… y sigo pensando en ti…“ Yes, Georgi is right, I think I wouldn’t have the strength and patience to read the book. And, probably, that was the main reason to suggest Nelly that we watch the movie. And, taking in mind that I am not a cinema fan, I enjoyed the film. The whole atmosphere of the late colonialism in South America at the end of XIX and the beginning of XX century was strengthened with suitable soundtrack which impressed each part of me, distracting me form the confusions and torments my insights were suffering … Нататък After „A Love in a Time of Cholera“

7 Albums I gonna take on a isolated island

In respond to Жълтурчето. The rules: 1) each participant quotes these rules; 2) quotes this post; 3) quotes who has pointed him: http://vitanova.wordpress.com/ 4) tells his favourite albums, saying or sharing something about them; 5) points 3 other bloggers to do the same 😛 Heehehehmm,,,,ok,,,lets start… I won’t make top7, because it would be too difficult, so, I’ll just number the albums 🙂 1)ATB- „7 years“– yes it is a collection of his best hits, and like it very much; actually, it is mainly form there where I am listening to his track. 2)Sarah Brightman-Classics The Best Of (2006)– again … Нататък 7 Albums I gonna take on a isolated island

What would be the greatest present for Christmas?

A call from a precious friend. A meeting with a precious friend. An expensive „toy“. A book, you’ve dreamed for recently. Candies =P A notebook and probably pen where you will write your sacred thoughts. A self-teaching book for an interesting language or/and dictionary Please, tell me. I’m curious to know your view ^^ Нататък What would be the greatest present for Christmas?