Gradus Comparationis Adiectivi in Familia Slavoni

Old Bulgarian: It is formed by adding the suffix –jьs and –jes to the root, which can be extended by adding – ѣ The first way is more ancient and rare while the second is newer, more productive and tends to replace the old one. Thus, the forms made by the first way are called short, and those made by the newer way- long. The short forms for masculine gender were formed by the suffix –jьs. If the adjective had other suffix, it was dropped and the comparative suffix was added directly to the root. The final –s dropped according … Нататък Gradus Comparationis Adiectivi in Familia Slavoni

Irregular Grades of Romance Adjectives

You can find the original outlook at gradus-comparationis-irregularis.doc. My self-study book of Portuguese is about to teach me how to compare stuffs in Portuguese. And as I always find this particularly boring (no matter in which language), I decided to have some fun. So, I opened my books and some sites and compared the Comparative and Superlative grades of the adjectives in the languages of the Romance family :} Before the tables, I’d like to put down some notes: First, almost all of the modern language form comparative and superlative forms analytically, which means that they use particles and adverbs … Нататък Irregular Grades of Romance Adjectives

1st Half

Hoy he pasado los primeros 20 lecciones de mi libro por estudiar portugués. Aujourd’hui j’ai fini les premiers 20 leçons de mon livre pour apprendre portugais. Oggi ho finito le primere lezioni del mio libro per studiare portoghese. Hoje tenho acabado as primeiras lições do meu livro para aprender português. Σήμερα πέρασα τα 20 πρώτα μαθήματα του βιβλίου μου για μάθηση την πορτογαλική γλώσσα. Dnes jsem dodělal prvé 20 lekce iz mé knihy pro učení portugalštiny. Данас сам свршио прве 20 лекцији од моје кнјиге за изученја португалског јазика. [I won’t even try translating this in Turkish] Сегодня я закончил … Нататък 1st Half

The Two-And-a-Half-Day Holiday

Yes! Definitely it was one of the best experiences I have ever had! Cool people! Good talks (some of which I merely couldn’t take part in, because of their topic and hardness), nice town, wonderful landscapes, peace… And, thanks God, I didn’t make my last year’s mistake to be very shy and not get acquainted with nobody. One of the guys from our town (actually we were only two) was extremely determined to get in the first several places, which are awarded with free admission to study Philosophy at the University of Sofia. He was so obsessed with philosophy and … Нататък The Two-And-a-Half-Day Holiday

Traveling Again

I am going to Pravets tomorrow. There the final part of the national Olympiad of Philosophy will take place. The train will leave Burgas at 5:25 am and will be in Sofia at 11:55 from where we are taking a bus to the town. I don’t know what to expect. I try to prevent myself from expecting everything to be as good as it was last year. Actually, right now i am not like going anywhere ^_^But, nevermind, I’m praying God to do what He wants. I don’t know whom he wants to serve, but believe to use me. There … Нататък Traveling Again