한국말 -Korean language Today I decided to overcome my fears of hieroglyphs by starting playing with a language using non-latin/cyrillic/greek alphabet. And i picked up Korean, simply because its characters were most readable in my eyes. :} Special thanks to Cel, for helping me find programs to write the characters on the PC 🙂 Advertisements Continue reading Korean

The Officially Last Day in School

It passed. The last day passed. I thank God and give Him all the glory for not letting me sorrow and be sad. In fact, I was rather cheerful and it could be seen 😀 I woke up relatively normal after 2 nightmares. I couldn’t do anything. I felt like turning on the PC, expecting that my bro would return soon and would like to play. He didn’t return soon, but Cel was online^_^ I hadn’t talked with him for a long time and had started missing him. Hehe, in fact, the last night I had thought when we would … Continue reading The Officially Last Day in School


Last night I watched Eurovision’s final. I won’t comment the songs here. What made me huge impression was that most of the countries gave their highest points to their neighbours. The other thing which impressed me was… the Finnish language! Oh my, how soundy and melodic it is!!!!! I heard it when several capital spoke it at first (the Greek presenting the points from Greece even spoke his whole message in Finnish which really amazed the hosts). I also like the outlook of Mikko, the male host. While his partner, Yana, looked very unnatural, he looked rather well and fashionable. … Continue reading Eurovision…languages…

Adverbs in Romance Languages

I decided to post this e-mail from Psi, cuz I think it’s worth seeing from other lang-geeks ^_^ Among its many forms of creating adverbs, Latin had a periphrastic construction formed with an adjective and the noun modus (‘manner’, ‘way’, ‘measure’) in ablative. As Latin evolved, however, this construction started showing a ‘flaw’… The combination was so common that such a periphrastic construction was treated as a single word, phonetically speaking. Why was this a flaw? The phonetic rhythm of the construction shifted the stress to the last syllable of the adjective, leaving modo totally unstressed, and in time modo … Continue reading Adverbs in Romance Languages