Я только что приключил с моей книгой „Teach Yourself Russian“(bg edition) . Я долго ждал начать изучение русского языка с хорошим курсом для начинающих.
The strange thing, though, is that I had some skills on it before I started the course. Thus, the passing-through wasn’t so much fun and, I can say, I did it just to be able to say „I have basic skills in that lang, too“.
Now for the book: Hmm…yeah, it’s better than „TY Turkish“ I passed trough right before it in several ways- 1st, it has lots of exercises for reading and comprehension, and 2nd, it has lots of useful expressions, which I think is an important feature in a beginner-book.
Now, the same question after the end of every book stands in front of me : „To continue with that lang, or to put it aside (for now)“. I definitely can’t say Russian has become more interesting for me than before. In comparison with the langs I really want to study further (French,,,, Spanish (?)), Russian is even below Greek, Czech and Serbian. The main paradox, though, is that there are plenty of resources for Russian in Bulgarian, probably more than for every other lang… but who cares? What matters is the good experience I would get,,,probably,,,
And now… where to go? With which one to start? Or to continue with some old? But alone? It’s too hard… I prefer to start brand new,,, but which?

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