When I decided to take up this challenge, I had no idea it was a challenge, actually. It happened in May this year, while I was spending a month in Cracow, gathering materials for my PhD dissertation and writing the second MA thesis. Having quite much time, good conditions and not-so-extensive outside-ish social life, I got inspired by the tumblr of a friend, dedicated to the same game. [Here’s a good place to state that regardless of what I wrote here almost a year ago, I did find tumblr a nice place for some time, after all, until I got bored some weeks, or already months?, ago]. It felt so nice to see someone’s moments of happiness that I decided it would be interesting to try it.

So I started posting pictures of what made me happy in a particular day here. It was a bit later that I discovered the real sense of this challenge – to post one hundred days in a row pictures of what has made you happy in that day, i.e. you have to push it a bit to find the beauty of each day [Or as M. said: so, you’ll have to pretend to be happy for 100 days?]. Oh well, since I didn’t know this „rule“ when I started, I allowed myself a bit wider perception of the sense of the challenge. Thus, I posted not only photos, but also video-clips and short sentences gasping a particular moments of happiness.

It was funny that when I started [1], there was almost every day something happening – proms, travels, coming-home’s, meeting people, so it was not as hard as it seems to keep the challenge up-to-date. Until the mid summer arrived. For people who know me, it’s a not surprising that I don’t like summer that much, and actually never have. Adding some other details and drop-downs, there were rows of days when I hardly think of the challenge or could find something which had made me happy for real.

This made me think a bit about what could really  make one happy. For me those seem be specific moments of activities I like or shared with close or new people – warm atmosphere, good talks, mutuality, comfort and cosiness at all levels, this could really make me smile and feel wonderful.

Nevertheless, the game came to an end on the day when children start school here. And that was nice, since I hadn’t made any plans about whether the last, 100th day, would be a special one.  I still do regard this day as a special one :}

So, if you feel like starting this challenge, leave some sign 🙂 Still, it is far more inspiring and bringing joy to see the happy moments of other people.


[1] It was one particular Sunday, when I failed again to reach one church gathering, (the first Sunday I got lost on my way, and this particular one there had been made changes in the public transport due to a marathon I had no idea about) and dropped to Kazimierz where I found a wonderful café to read for the next couple of hours.

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