“Cada dia pienso en ti… y sigo pensando en ti…“

Yes, Georgi is right, I think I wouldn’t have the strength and patience to read the book. And, probably, that was the main reason to suggest Nelly that we watch the movie. And, taking in mind that I am not a cinema fan, I enjoyed the film. The whole atmosphere of the late colonialism in South America at the end of XIX and the beginning of XX century was strengthened with suitable soundtrack which impressed each part of me, distracting me form the confusions and torments my insights were suffering from the present situation and form themselves alone. Of course, I couldn’t escape from the sense of nostalgia about the *good old past*, but I was fascinated by the way *the world from the fairytales* was mixed with the bases of the modern reality.
I could not extract any wisdom or some proverb from the movie, nor would I dare to say that I have completely understand it, let the critics do that. I will remain with the feelings, the impressions and the sense of cinnamon and samba…


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