geek [gi:k] n sl грубиян, простак, дебелак.

o.O 😕
Gyorgy, what would you say :> ?


2 thoughts on “Wat???!

  1. Е явно не съм запознат със значението на тази дума и съм я употребявал грешно през цялото време… Ъгх.


  2. Hey Aeren..!!

    I jz blogrolled n found urs..
    Wooow ur blog is just soooo kewll..!! I see u speak a lot of languages. That’s really cool..!! What do u study? 🙂

    I’m new at wordpress n I’d like to start a language blog jz like you.
    But I’m a novice so I have to study a lot more..

    Best regards n goodluck..!! ^^


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