Brief overview of Arabic Case System (from Assimil)

Arabic seems to have a sweet case system, containing of 3 cases – cas sujet (Nominativ), cas direct (Accusative) and cas indirect (Genitive, Dative and Ablative). Seems also that an “-n“ is attached at the end of the word (without being written ?!) in the non-definite forms.

ولدٌ- nom. indet. [-un]
ٲلولدُ -nom. det. [-u]

ولدًٰوَلَدًا- acc. indet. [-an]
ٲلولدَ- acc. det. [-a]

ولدٍ- gen/dat/ abl indet. [-in]
ٲلولدِ- gen/dat/ abl det. [-i]

3 thoughts on “Brief overview of Arabic Case System (from Assimil)

  1. Както половината от граматиката на книжовния арабски, и падежите са нещо, което те изпускат на драго сърце, дори в редките случаи, когато по правило трябва да се употребят.

  2. Email doubt apparently solved on UniLang. Using your example, fully vocalised, the traditional/classical Arabic spelling would be وَلَدًا, while some (but definitely not all, and perhaps not even most) modern editors (and the Persian / Urdu tradition) would spell it وَلَداً.

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