You may probably have understood from your first year here that your classes are highly insufficient (as time) and most of the work should be done by yourselves at home. But you have to get used to it because next levels of educations suppose a laerning based on self-made researches and personal-focused issues. And, moreover, till the end of life studying is a lonely activity.

Paraphrased part of Yaneva’s  little speech with which our course of Classical Greek Syntax started


9 мнения за “Solitudo

  1. When I studied Architecture, the professors had a similar (and really welcome) approach. When I changed to Language and Literature, though, gosh, what a bore… The type of teachers who think you’re supposed to sit there in class and learn as much as you can from them and them alone. You should see the face of one of my teachers when, after skipping classes for nearly two months (because of my job schedule), I managed to study on my own and get a 10 in the first test. 😀 It was almost as if she couldn’t believe that was possible without her.


  2. I had a math assistant who (during our 1st class) explained how great maths is and how funny it can be. She tried to convince me that solving mathg problems is a way to make friends even boyfriends. She says that this exact science can turn into a life for any of us. We shoul devote our time to improve our communication with integrals and therefore become happy.
    What will you say now? 😀


  3. Yep, after around two and a half years I exchanged BArch for BA. 😛 Attending the Architecture and Urbanism course was actually the reason why I moved to Londrina in 98. Then I quit, took a new set of entrance examinations for both Computer Science and Literature, passed both, and ended up picking the latter.

    It was during the Architecture course that Letícia and I met, by the way. She also quit, though, and got a BA in Business Office Administration.


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