I’ve realized I mostly expand my vocabulary in different languages by reading different kinds of short texts – song lyrics, fb comments, short articles, as well as adapted texts in study-books. So, having a Kindle from some time, I thought I may combine this way of passive learning with something I’ve started doing in the past few years – i.e. reading in the public transport and/ or wherever and whenever I have to wait for something. At first I enjoyed several books in English, but then I wanted to read in other languages, hoping that the dictionaries I’d put in the reader will help me. But they didn’t. I knew or assumed they were quite little, but actually this problem never occurred, because they simply never launched properly.

So, I am in the stupid position of realizing my unableness of reading outside home. Plus the gigantic in-desire to look in dictionaries for the unknown vocabulary (of which I am excessively tired and sick).

Anyway, I haven’t still found an appropriate solution. How can we/I combine the joy of reading (especially in a foreign language) and the problem with the unknown words? How do you proceed?

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