Primavera e Saudades
•sabes que a saudade anda aos beijos com a morte•
this desert-like sensation of affectionate kisses emptying your strengths like a cloud meeting a hot steam of air
•um turbilhão de incertezas, parecem velas acesas a queimar dentro de mim•
hurricanes of soft incertitudes that shut the windows pull down the curtains
•pa’ tentar saber se eu mato a saudade ou quem morre sou eu•
‘I broke my phone trying to call to Heaven so that I know whether I killed the saudade or it was me who died’
•tenho a janela do peito / aberta para o passado•
past lying before your feet and future lurking behind your back, where are we looking at?

•É interior à minha mágoa 
A alegria do dia claro..•
(Fernando Pessoa)

Pessoa saying the the innermost part of a sadness is the joyfulness of the clear day.
•whenever spring light starts invading, a sudden blast of euphoria destroys all my attitudes of order and stability, stretching to some hues of vivacity and outer lush which I can hardly incorporate in this current skin•
•singularity (math.)•
<a point at which a given mathematical object is not defined or not „well-behaved“, for example infinite or not differentiable>

•Sero venientibus ossa.•
That sharp burning sensation somewhere around the stomach that everybody has left, everybody is somewhere else, that you have arrived too late, impossibly to catch up with all that has flowed through, empty room with just bits of food left behind and jumbled furniture, oped doors and semi-closed windows, curtains that a played with by the wind, only resembling of a movement, of a sigh, of a dialogue never brought to reality or never achieved.
For those who has arrived late – bones. Urban deserts filled with bones.
Field with bones.
Army awaiting to be resurrected.
Where is the tube, though?•

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