Refined Desolations: The City

This is a set of pictures, inspired by the vast desert-like sensation that a sunny weather can induce, especially in an urban environment; a particular bleach of colours, devouring openness and a sense of loss. City represented as a desert, as a place of devastation and emptiness, deprived of its vividness and vigor is not a new concept, nor something sensational in its way. In a way, civilisation as a way of opposing nature, is often perceived as something carrying a nuance of death in the very core of its being (cf. in Genesis, it was Cain, Abel's brother and his murderer, who, after leaving Eden, built the first city).

City desert, though, could be a place of renewal where sense can be recharged, mind emptied and refreshed. Deserts, probably in general, has this dying-renewing characteristic, and that's why they have been a preferable shelter for anyone desiring a sharpened view, of the world and of themselves.

What I intend here is to present the peculiar beauty that lies in those seemingly lifeless milieus. Not few of the photos below are taken in the early afternoons when the above mentioned sensations are somehow most perceptibly manifested.

Each photo is available in a larger scale on click.

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