I rarely do New Year resolutions. I rarely make strict plans and probably this makes the estimation of the achievements from the passing year quite impossible. Still, sometimes there are expectations or rather expected things to happen which I put my focus on.

This year I was to conclude my Bachelor’s degree. And by the grace of God, it happened. I started my Master’s studies which turned out to be much more expensive in every aspect than I had expected. This, on the other hand, makes them more precious than I thought they would be for me. It is true I started them with a little enthusiasm but on the course, my interest was growing stronger and stronger to this point now when I don’t regret at all having started them. At the same time, I grow more and more indifferent to my second studies which, along with other obstacles in my life, makes their future quite unclear and uncertain.

In the plan of my languages, it was an interesting year, just as every other, because of the unexpected lang-encounters I have experienced. 2011 started with a strong inclination towards Persian which was supported by the supply of wonderful Russian dictionaries – a legacy from a „philologist by heart“. A bit later I could start a one-semester almost intensive course (8h/week) of Norwegian in the university. This was quite strange and at the same time very interesting to think over because I was playing with this language 4 years earlier when I was starting my first studies. The circle was getting completed. The Summer Seminar for Foreign Bulgarists extended my command in some of the languages I love and provided me time to start and complete my book for learning Hebrew. I had started it just before my first academic year started. Old Eglish took my attention for some weeks just before the start of the new academic year, then Old Icelandic followed it while my Modern Greek course was starting in the university.

In a more intimate plan, I had encounters with great people of God through which He planted precious seeds in my heart. He met me with lots of new wonderful people in the summer, changing totally the way I look at my time and social relations. My school practice in the spring was a great experience, too.

Now, at the very end of the year 2011, I feel grateful. The last such wonderful year for me was 2007. I don’t know what to expect from the coming one, but for sure I know God is going to do new things through which my limits will be extended.

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