Cause It’s Book Lovers Day Anyway

11828655_915726638484841_4203755503677684803_nI had no idea it was another ‘international-something’ day until few moments ago. But since some thouhts concerning similar issues have been running in my head today, I decided it was a good motivation occasion to gather myself and put them down immediately instead of leaving them aside  ‘in order to get better as the time flows’.

Basically, since some time my e-reader has been causing me problems as its screen stops working. Thus, I can’t choose books from its library, I can’t use the dictionary and basically any other option connected with touching the screen. Now, this would probably not be that painful if I wasn’t at the end of a nice book about artist psychology and the theological approach to it and at the beginning of Kauro Ishiguro’s ‘Never Let Me Go’ which IS grabbing [more than I’ve expected]. Of course, I put the epub of the later on my phone and I did get the auido book, too (which I have already the chance to enjoy), but that’s not the point, is it?

That’s my second e-reader after my Kindle passed away nearly 2 years ago, after more or less year and a half life in my hands. I clearly remember the shock that I was not able to have several books with me, that I could not read various inernational news sites, thus having fun with some languages etc. It did feel as going back to the cave somehow. So, last summer I was determined that I HAD to buy a new reader before going to Vienna. I knew I would not be able to take too much books with me and what to say about bringing some more back home (as it eventually happened). I had heard good things about the Nooks, so their low prices were just enough to convince me to get one. Now, after almost a year of using a Nook, I should tell that I miss the Kindles even more, though my current device does/did a good work. If I go for a third reader, it would be a Kindle for sure [as far as I am concerned and I have seen, their latest generations are really nice].

I shall not go into the discussion about whether reading a paper book is better or not than using a reader. I must admit I see pros and cons in both the traditional and the more ‘modern’ ways. For example, I love having several books with me, which the reader allows me to do, but I hate that I can’t check how many pages I have til the end of the chapter. It really makes me feel lost and very often I feel more motivated to push a bit more, knowing that e.g. I have 10 more pages. With several more not-so-easy-going books, I think what took me through and actually helped me enjoying them, was that I read them on my phone (on a smaller screen, though) where the e-reading app provides you with an idea of your progress in the chapter. Feeling the paper and being able to (now forgive me) make some marks or notes on the page is great, too. That’s why you can find in my bag very often one or two paper books lying beside my e-reader…

Going back to the starting point of my thoughs today – how awful is the fact that we have to change devices so quickly! I know there’s progress and I know that ‘that’s the way one does busyness‘, but this doesn’t reduce the bitter feeling I’ve gathered recently. After my Kindle passed out completely, I bought most the books I’d read and loved on paper, too. Strange thing is that now I don’t feel such intentions. Probably because my room is already stuck up with books anyway.

At the end, I wish to myself, and to you, book fellows, large enough homes/houses where we could buy and store our beloved treasures at peace.

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